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The Olmar ATM autoclaves are especially designed to cover the needs of the wood industry and develop impregnation and material treatment cycles in order to improve their properties and extend their useful life.

These autoclaves are used to improve the performance of the wood, mainly through impregnation with inorganic salt compounds (mostly copper, chromium and arsenic oxides), organic stabilization substances and other natural impregnation agents. Thanks to the effect of these substances, it is possible to extend the life of wood and improve their performance; this method represents a notable improvement compared to others used in the past (surface treatments, external protection products, water repellents and even fire protection products) that, due to their lower penetration in the product, are no longer used.

El software de control Olmar OCS que incorporan los autoclaves Olmar ATM permite realizar ciclos preestablecidos de vacío y presión, gracias a los cuales es posible que los impregnantes lleguen hasta el núcleo del material y se unifiquen totalmente con el producto, consiguiendo un resultado óptimo y ofreciendo mejores prestaciones al cliente final.