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The Olmar ATA autoclaves have been a reference in the industrial food sector for over 25 years. These autoclaves are mainly used in industrial food sterilization and canned food cooking processes (fish, vegetables, etc.) carried out via direct or indirect steam injection through an external heat exchange.

These units are especially conceived so that the customer has complete control of the main process variables: temperature, pressure, time, sterilization value (Fo), fill level, degree of humidity, etc. Thanks to this flexibility, the Olmar ATA autoclaves can develop different cycles adapting the existing values inside at all times, offering the best performance and streamlining industrial processes.

Depending on the needs of each process, these autoclaves can include internal rotating systems that allow for continuous movement of containers to achieve homogeneous sterilization of the product, in addition to supplementary pressurisation systems to not damage the containers during the cooling phase of each cycle.