01| Composites

OLMAR | Autoclaves 2

02| Glass

OLMAR | Autoclaves 8

04| Waste

OLMAR | Autoclaves 6

05| AAC

OLMAR | Autoclaves 1

07| Food

OLMAR | Autoclaves 3

08| Wood

OLMAR | Autoclaves 4

OLMAR, S.A. is a family business dedicated to autoclaves, ovens, steam generators, control systems and all types of pressure devices. Since its establishment in 1975, the company has contributed towards the growth of a vast variety of technology sectors and processes ranging from vulcanisation to the treatment of wood, laminated glass production, waste management or the development of compound materials.

Located in Gijon—north of Spain—, OLMAR develops its activity in an area of great business tradition, which enables making the most of all the advantages of an industrial environment and the best communications for its national and international operations. The company has developed a flexible and efficient corporate structure specialised in different areas of the activity, with facilities of over 70,000 m2, fully equipped to perform the most demanding of projects. This flexibility, combined with the daily efforts of a skilled team, ensures the best results for each project and a swift and efficient response in any situation.

Leading companies such as Airbus or General Electric, to name just a few from among their long list of clients from over 150 different countries, have deposited their trust in OLMAR for the development of their projects thanks to the experience and know-how accumulated by the company over more than seven decades. The combination of all these elements makes OLMAR a leading company in the manufacturing of autoclaves, ovens, control systems and steam generators; a benchmark in the international market pursuing one single objective: to be your partner in the future.


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