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The Olmar VPI autoclaves are used to obtain the proper insulation in various electrical units. In addition, the VPI process can be used to fill in the pores that may have appeared in these materials, improving their performance and functionality.

Sodium Silicate

These autoclaves are especially designed to produce liquid sodium silicate; this process entails the reaction of SO2, Na2O and water under pressure and temperature generated with water steam. Olmar also offers complete engineering solutions including autoclave, steam generator and all accessories required to carry out this process.


The Olmar autoclaves for dewaxing are an essential part of the precision casting process or (Investment Casting), used to produce steel parts with complex geometric shapes with an excellent surface finish and dimensional precision.


Pressure leaching has two objectives: accelerate the dissolution of all values of the leaching solution and improve the solubility regime of solids that are only soluble under atmospheric pressure. The Olmar autoclaves for leaching are highly present in sectors such as the Zinc industry.