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The Olmar ATR autoclaves are specially designed to process all kinds of urban and hospital waste, supporting their processing and subsequent transformation into solid urban waste that can be treated using conventional means, easily disposable in controlled dumps.

The increasing concern for the proper management of waste and the appearance of strict environmental regulations has extended the use of these autoclaves globally. The construction of complete waste processing plants represents an importance advance in this sector; as they include a large number of units (reactors, evaporators, storage tanks, transfer systems, monitoring and control, etc.) in which autoclaves emerge as a fundamental part of the recycling process.

Waste processing with autoclaves offer a safe and efficient solution for these problems, substituting other more dangerous practices such as incineration or burying of waste, which have been forbidden in many countries. Processing of contaminated waste with cytotoxic substances, sterilization of serum and concentrators for phase separation complete the range of Olmar equipment for this industry.