Speed is without a doubt the most determining factor in motor racing. Getting a fast car is essential to winning championships and that is why it is the main objective of drivers and teams.

However, engine power is not always what makes a car the fastest. To get a fast car it is very important that the rest of the parts are also designed to gain speed. This is where carbon fiber parts become essential.

Carbon fiber is 10 times stronger and stiffer than steel, up to five times lighter, and withstands high temperatures much better. These characteristics help boost vehicle performance, making carbon fiber the ideal material for building racing cars.

In the case of rally cars, speed must be balanced with other equally important characteristics such as resistance, versatility and agility.

How carbon fiber improves car performance

Rally cars must be fast, but they also have to be resistant to withstand possible knocks and accidents. On the other hand, they cannot be very heavy cars and, above all, they must be manageable, since they have to travel on very diverse surfaces, with jumps and unevenness, at high speed.

For these extreme cases, in which the car’s design is calculated down to the smallest detail, there is no better solution than carbon fiber. Its composition and characteristics are the best combination for the needs of this type of vehicles and their races:

  • A strong and light car: Carbon fiber has an unmatched strength-to-weight ratio. It is considerably lighter than other conventional materials such as steel or aluminum, but with enormous resistance. Applying carbon fiber to body parts such as the hood, bumper, spoiler, etc. provides a lot of strength to the structure without overloading its weight.
  • Agile driving: The lightness of these components improves the power-to-weight ratio, resulting in greater maneuverability behind the wheel. Pilots achieve more control, precision and agility, notice less body roll and much more stability, something very necessary for driving at high speed.
  • Maximum speed: Thanks to carbon fiber, greater speed and the best possible acceleration are achieved. The reduced total mass of the vehicle allows for more efficient power transmission, achieving a higher top speed. In addition, less weight also reduces inertia, which in addition to contributing to faster acceleration allows for smoother maneuvers.
  • A reliable car: The resistance of the carbon fiber parts is the best ally against bumps and impacts. Despite the extreme conditions of racing, these components retain their shape and integrity, certifying the safety of the driver and the durability of the vehicle.
  • Better heat resistance: Racing cars generate a lot of heat while driving. However, carbon fiber has limited thermal conductivity. Its heat resistance maintains the temperature of the pieces, preventing them from transforming or degrading.
  • Savings in the tank: As if that were not enough, all these features contribute to greater fuel efficiency, allowing cars to cover longer distances with less fuel.

There is no doubt, analyzing the properties of the material, that including carbon fiber parts in rally cars is the best solution to achieve a winning car, with a design and handling that takes the vehicle to its highest level.

Olmar accelerates in the automobile sector

Olmar, aware of the opportunity that this material represents due to its multiple benefits, is starting a new project together with the company RaceX, a company specialized in producing carbon fiber parts for racing cars.

The projects that Olmar has been carrying out within the motor sector go beyond its extensive experience in the development of autoclaves for the manufacture of automotive components. For years, leading companies in the manufacture of high-end sports cars such as Koenigsegg have trusted Olmar for the manufacture of high-end sports cars.

Thanks to this new collaboration with RaceX, Olmar will manufacture an autoclave for treating composites that will be applied within the sports car sector.

With this collaboration, Olmar seeks to revalidate its position as a quality supplier and establish itself as an efficient option within the motor industry.