Applications of Autoclave Laminated Glass in Automobiles and Construction

Although glass may be seen as a delicate and fragile material, its primary use for over 100 years has been in windshields, precisely one of the safest and most reliable elements we need in our lives.

Furthermore, it is an element that has remained virtually unchanged since its invention, as laminated glass perfectly fulfills its purpose of protecting both the occupants of the vehicle and pedestrians. Laminated glass in windshields, along with seat belts, is the most important invention ever related to driving.

Knowing that we are dealing with a solid and durable material, technological innovation is now focused on implementing its simple and effective composition in other products and spaces, from interior areas of vehicles to even houses and large constructions.

Laminated glass is increasingly present in driving

Typically, when we talk about the improvements that technology can achieve in the automotive industry, we usually think first of those related to the engine, speed, or mechanics. However, nowadays, some of the most original innovations for drivers are being achieved in the interior design, comfort, and driving experience.

There are many benefits that can be obtained from implementing laminated glass in vehicle interiors, as its composition offers numerous advantages:

  • Its insulating properties can reduce external noise by up to 30%, improving acoustic comfort in the vehicle.
  • Its thermal protection can reflect infrared radiation, protecting its occupants and preventing heat transmission to the interior.
  • It controls the passage of sunlight, blocking 90% of ultraviolet rays, preventing harm to occupants and the fading of upholstery and carpets.
  • Thanks to its sturdy structure, laminated glass remains intact in case of fracture, preventing it from breaking into multiple pieces. This composition also facilitates its repair in case of minor impacts or breaches.
  • It is also a material that has minimal impact on the environment, as it can be repaired and regain its original strength, minimizing its carbon footprint.

In summary, by implementing the advantages of laminated glass in automobiles, it is possible to increase comfort in the vehicle’s interior while facilitating steering.

Smart glass, the next step

All these advantages offered by laminated glass allow us to go further and think about achieving more ambitious and innovative goals. The new trend in technology, smart glasses, for example, has the ability to regulate the amount of light passing through or alternate between transparent and opaque appearances.

Smart glasses use special layers or films that are inserted during manufacturing to modify transparency and increase their strength. Customers who have laminated glass autoclaves from OLMAR, such as Saint Gobain, AGP Glass, AGC, or NSG, are already working on incredible advancements such as smart windshields.

Thanks to this application of smart glass, windshields can automatically darken when the sun’s position becomes bothersome. They can even save fuel by reducing the use of air conditioning through the energy efficiency gained from controlling solar radiation.

Advantages of laminated glass in construction

Due to the extensive benefits of laminated glass, this material quickly found its use in other areas, such as construction. In architecture, glass is not only an aesthetically pleasing element that provides ample light and is easily combinable, but it is also accessible due to its relatively low price. Furthermore, its safety, strength, and durability make it an infallible choice that perfectly combines elegance and efficiency.

When combined with its safety guarantee, it is evident why its use is becoming so popular in homes and businesses. The material’s response to impacts of varying intensities is irrefutable proof of its effectiveness and functionality.

This is why we can see it in large constructions where a high level of security is required, as well as in commercial premises, office building windows, and popular elements such as aquariums, elevators, stairs, and railings. Its use is also common in homes as room dividers, steps, shower enclosures, or accessibility ramps.

OLMAR’s ‘smart’ autoclaves for laminated glass, the latest in the industry

The broad range of applications for laminated glass is one of the reasons why OLMAR is committed to developing autoclave laminated glass products, to continue offering the most advanced glass products in the industry, such as smart glass skylights (made from smart glass). Thanks to innovative projects like this, a wide range of possibilities is beginning to emerge in terms of safety and energy efficiency, both in automobiles and large constructions.

With OLMAR’s intelligent autoclaves for glass lamination, we can provide our customers with turnkey solutions for the manufacturing of laminated glass in all sizes and shapes. Grupo Olmar has the precise technology to address the challenges faced by companies in the industrial and technological sectors, with the goal of continuously offering innovative advancements to build the future.