The historic results that 2023 left in the field of aviation clear the way for an ambitious and exciting strategy with which Olmar intends to increase its involvement in the international market.

After the hard blows to the industry caused by the limitations on travel between countries because of the pandemic and the tensions in the market derived from widespread price inflation, the data seem to confirm that we are entering a period of economic growth.

In this new scenario, with promising business opportunities, Olmar continues working to offer the best technological solutions. To this end, the company is focused on trying to respond to the recent acceleration in the pace of aircraft manufacturing, addressing market needs.

According to the latest news from Airbus, one of the most important industrial corporations in the European Union and a world leader in aircraft manufacturing, the company plans to increase its production by 9%. With this increase, Airbus intends to achieve the goal of delivering 800 commercial aircraft in 2024 (65 more units compared to the previous year).

After a 2023 that they have classified as historic, with an impressive record of orders, Airbus is now focused on achieving a balance between the demand for its aircraft and its own supply capacity to counteract it.

It is among its suppliers where Olmar’s presence stands out. Airbus has been working with Olmar’s innovative engineering, efficiency, and software solutions for years. Within this planning for 2024, and even projecting the objectives of 2026, Olmar is positioned as a reference supplier for the manufacture of autoclaves intended for the treatment of #carbonfiber composite materials, both for Airbus and for the associated Tier 1 . to the multinational, many of them also Olmar clients.

Given the instability that supply chains occasionally suffer, which have even put large companies in the sector in crisis situations, Olmar is a strong, trusted ally. As a world leader in the manufacture of autoclaves for composites, Olmar is insurance when it comes to avoiding breaks in the supply chain during production processes.

In the past, Olmar composite materials treatment autoclaves have been an essential part of Airbus commercial aircraft models. Among the units that are already on the market, the Boeing 787, the Airbus A350 XWB or the A320 Neo stand out. During this year and throughout the next financial years, we will see what the airplanes of the future will be that also have Olmar’s materials and DNA.