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The Olmar AAC (Autoclave Aerated Concrete) autoclaves are specifically designed to manufacture blocks of aerated concrete; a new technology that is revolutionising the construction sector on a worldwide level.

The use of aerated concrete blocks (also known as “cellular concrete”) offers many advantages compared to regular construction methods as it is much lighter and adaptable than traditional concrete while in turn maintaining all construction properties. This way, aerated concrete can reduce construction times and associated costs while increasing the design possibilities of any kind of construction.

The production of these blocks starts from the preparation of a silica sand and/or pulverized ash (PFA) base, lime, cement, gypsum/anhydrite, water and aluminium. Different types of concrete are obtained depending on the proportion of these components; each one with different mechanical properties. Once the mixture is ready, the blocks are subjected to a steam drying process in autoclaves for final hardening.