Olmar successfully completes the Hydraulic Test of the new Airbus autoclave in Getafe, Madrid.

 Last week, Olmar confirmed the success of the hydraulic test carried out in the autoclave which is been manufacturing for Airbus in Getafe, Madrid, as part of the Ariane 6 project.

It is important to highlight the enormous technical difficulty of this project, due to the extraordinary dimensions of the equipment, with more than 7.5 meters in diameter. Very few manufacturers in the world are able of facing a project of this magnitude and successfully completing a hydraulic test of this complexity at the very first try, which confirms the technical solvency and reliability of Olmar.

The “Ariane 6” is a space shuttle with two versions (A62 and A64) that will be able to meet the expectations of the satellite launch market by being able to make up to 12 heavy ship launches per year at an altitude of 36,000 km. It is planned to be ready for the year 2020.