The Spanish company is currently manufacturing more than a dozen autoclaves for this sector

Olmar continues being an international reference in the aeronautical sector. Proof of this is the recent sign of a new contract for the manufacture of an autoclave for the treatment of composites, which is being already manufactured and will be delivered in the coming months to a European customer.

Composite materials are an essential component in the new models of commercial aircrafts that have come into the market, among which the Boeing 787, the Airbus A350 XWB or the A320 Neo stand out. With more than 50% of composite in its structural parts, the development of these new aircraft requires the use of the best equipment in its manufacturing process, in which Olmar offers maximum guarantees thanks to the high technology present in its autoclaves and its proven reliability.

With this new equipment, Olmar is now manufacturing more than a dozen autoclaves for the treatment of composites on its facilities (Gijón, Spain).