Olmar signs a new contract with one of the largest  Tier 1 aeronautical suppliers in Europe for the manufacture of a large autoclave

In the last days, Olmar has confirmed the purchase of a new autoclave for the treatment of composite materials by the company Caetano Aernoautic / Aciturri, one of the largest Tier 1 aeronautical suppliers in Europe.

Caetano Aeronautic is dedicated to the manufacture of metallic and composite parts and the assembly of several types of aerostructures, collaborating directly in aircraft development programs, both for civil (A380, A350, A320 Neo) and military areas (C295, A400M, etc.). The autoclave will be installed in the operations center of the company, located in Portugal, where it will work together with another large autoclave also made by Olmar.

With the signing of this new contract, Olmar continues standing out as one of the main suppliers of autoclaves for the aeronautical sector worldwide.