Vice President Biden visited their New Facility in Rochester equipped with a last generation autoclave for composites treatment.


Yesterday, Vice President Biden visited Rochester, New Hampshire to highlight the Administration’s plan to help businesses bring manufacturing jobs back to America. He made one central message clear: “America is coming back.”

As the Vice President emphasized, the policies the Obama Administration has put in place in its first three years are beginning to pay off—especially in manufacturing. The economy added 334,000 manufacturing jobs in the last two years, making it the strongest period of manufacturing job growth since the late 1990s. And now, instead of hearing about outsourcing, we’re finally starting to hear about insourcing as more and more companies realize that it makes real business sense to bring jobs back to America.

Manufacturers are coming back because, while costs in China are rising rapidly, “American workers are the most productive workers in the world,” the Vice President said. And to reinforce that advantage, we need more partnerships between businesses and community colleges to train workers with the specialized skills employers need.

Safran AT Mr. Biden(1)

Picture: Mr. Biden in front of the Olmar autoclave recently acquired by Safran. .

Vice President Biden had the opportunity to see such a partnership in action in New Hampshire yesterday—a partnership that is reviving advanced manufacturing and bringing jobs back to the state.

Vice President Joe Biden tours Albany Engineered Composites with New Hampshire Gov John Lynch in Rochester, NH, Jan 26, 2012. (Official White House Photo by David Lienemann)