Our New Customer is an important aerospace construction company located in Belgium. It is the parent company of a group of companies located in Brazil, Canada and the United States employing more than 2,000 people around the world. This company´s core business is the development, manufacturing, assembly and test of aerospace structures and their associated subsystems. Thanks to its involvement in civil contracts for AIRBUS, EMBRAER, DASSAULT AVIATION, BOMBARDIER, IAI/GULFSTREAM and GROB, and in both military and space programs, our client is now recognized worldwide for its know-how and active participation in the development of new technologies.


 Main customers:

For the past 30 years, our client has been Airbus’ privileged partner for the manufacturing of all the leading edges for the A310 to A380 families. being currently working on the development of the leading edges for the A350XWB, which should be brought into service by 2015.
This company is also the partner of the European military aircraft, the A400M. The subject of significant delays, the airplane finally made its first highly successful flights at the end of 2009 and can now look forward to a brilliant military future. For this programme, they were responsible for the delicate design of the main landing gear door, the leading edges and the engine mounts.
Our customer is also a long-time partner of the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer. Associated with all the Embraer families, being responsible for the design and production of leading edges but also several fuselage panels.
They are currently working closely with Embraer on its new programmes, which have a bright future ahead of them, especially in the field of business aviation.
Also closely associated with the Dassault F7X, considered as a reference in the world of business jets.
This programme requires an unequalled level of finish, allowing our client to demonstrate  its know-how and ability to meet its customer’s very high level of requirements.
Also proud to progressively develop a promising industrial and commercial relationship with BOMBARDIER. Two new programmes, the Learjet 85 and CSeries, are now keeping busy our customer´s Technical Department, before a future manufacturing of structures designed for BOMBARDIER.