Supercars & Olmar autoclaves

Today the use of carbon fiber parts in automobiles may no longer sound strange to us. Any motor fan knows about the qualities of this valuable material and the benefits of its application in any vehicle.

Thanks to technological advances, the use of parts made with this sophisticated material is no longer just part of futuristic proposals, models designed for the big screen or the « Great Circus » of Formula 1. And the fact is that more and more vehicles are high-end sports cars that have this type of component. In addition, given the wide acceptance and good performance of carbon fiber, its use is spreading to increasingly accessible cars.

Carbon fiber, the perfect combination of luxury, efficiency and sportiness

Carbon fiber is more resistant than steel or aluminum, it does not corrode metals, nor does it rust or crack easily. In addition, it is light, resistant, has a much lower maintenance cost than other materials and has a much more futuristic finish and a sportier appearance.

Olmar, which offers the most advanced autoclaves at a technical and design level for the manufacture of these materials, has extensive experience in the market for the manufacture of high-end car parts. In fact, the DNA of the Olmar brand is already found inside some of the most exclusive and valuable cars on the market, in pieces as important as:

  • Rims: The use of carbon fiber for the creation of rims makes it possible to further lighten their weight without affecting the structural rigidity of the wheel. This optimization directly benefits the car’s suspension system, but also makes it more resistant and improves its handling on the track.
  • Spoilers: One of the most showy and striking pieces of automobiles in which the arrival of carbon fiber is also a revolution. This material makes it possible to provide greater rigidity without losing lightness but also maintaining the necessary hardness for the demands of asphalt.
  • Interiors: Carbon fiber can be used not only in bodies, casings, chassis, hoods or roofs; Currently, the use of carbon fiber has also extended to the interiors of automobiles, since it works as an elegant decorative alternative. Its resistance makes it have a long useful life, and in its vinyl format it can be present on steering wheels, seat covers, carpets, music player fronts, dashboards and ultimately any plastic material inside the vehicle.


KOENIGSEGG, the Swedish exclusivity that trusts in Olmar

Koenigsegg, world leader in the manufacture of high-end sports cars, has two autoclaves provided by our company that it uses in the manufacture of its super sports models, some of the most expensive and exclusive cars in the world.

In its unmistakable models, the Swedish manufacturer uses Olmar autoclaves to create carbon fiber parts with which to increase the performance of its vehicles while maintaining the elegant and modern design that characterizes them. Thanks to these parts, Koenigsegg cars achieve maximum lightness and the best aerodynamic behavior, as well as a spectacular finish: all of them determining factors in supercars of this type.

In addition to this reference, Olmar works with a multitude of manufacturers around the world, providing the best technical solutions to continue improving and developing this strategic sector.

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