What is Retrofitting?

Autoclave Retrofitting is the process of renovation or updating of an autoclave that has been used for a long period of time, in order to improve its performance and increase its useful life. This process is an economical and efficient alternative to buying a new autoclave when the budget is limited. The autoclaves that require retrofitting are at least 10 years old and need to be modernized in mechanical, electrical components, control systems or software.

The main objective of retrofitting in autoclaves is to improve their performance and extend their useful life, while saving time and money compared to buying a new autoclave.

Olmar offers retrofitting services both for autoclaves of its brand and for equipment from other manufacturers, which may be partial or total. The company has updated a large number of autoclaves throughout its history, mainly for carbon fiber treatment and lamination of glass.

As a preliminary step, Olmar offers a consulting service in which its electrical, mechanical and software engineering teams jointly analyze drawings and the state of the machine in order to offer an optimal and personalized solution.

The scope of the update can vary from the modernization of elementary systems such as the PLC, software, hardware or control system, to a complete renovation that includes the update of vacuum systems, exchangers, valves and sensors.

These works, through a process that can be carried out at Olmar’s or customer’s facilities, will bring these autoclaves to the latest technology available on the market.

At the end of the retrofitting process, the equipment is fully updated, tested and certified by Olmar, guaranteeing its efficiency, safety, capacity and functionality.

Why is it important to retrofit an autoclave?

Autoclave retrofitting may be necessary to comply with up-to-date industry regulations and standards. Older autoclaves may not meet current safety and efficiency requirements, which can result in financial loss (or penalties) for the company. Retrofitting allows companies to meet these updated requirements and ensure they are operating safely and efficiently.

Another reason to consider retrofitting is to improve the capacity of the autoclave. Over time, a company’s production demands can increase, which means their autoclave may not be large or efficient enough to meet their needs. Retrofitting can include the installation of additional capabilities, such as an automatic loading and unloading system, to improve its efficiency and reduce downtime.

There are many reasons why an autoclave may require retrofitting services, from repairing damaged components to improving safety, efficiency, capacity and compliance with updated regulations. At Olmar, we offer a wide range of retrofitting services to meet the unique needs of each client, ensuring that your autoclave is performing at the highest possible level.

OCS: The best Control Software for Autoclaves

Retrofitting control systems and software in autoclaves can also improve traceability and monitoring of processes, allowing greater efficiency and productivity in production. With our OCS software, you will be able to record, control and access all the data of your processes easily and quickly, which will allow you to identify possible problems and take fast action if required.

You can count on greater flexibility in configuring and adjusting your autoclave, adapting it to your specific needs. This is especially important in industries that require different processes and control parameters, such as the manufacturing of composite materials or the manufacturing of medical products.

Retrofitting control systems and software is a long-term investment that can significantly improve the efficiency, safety, and productivity of your autoclave. At Olmar, we are committed to providing a high-quality service so that your equipment meets the required standards and can function safely and efficiently for many more years.

The importance of having the best team

Our highly trained team, with extensive experience in the sector, is always happy to advise you so that you can make the best decision that meets your needs. No matter the brand or model of your autoclave, at Olmar we are prepared to carry out the retrofitting that your equipment requires, managing to improve its performance, increase its efficiency and prolong its life.