In addition to our experience in the manufacture of autoclaves, steam boilers and other pressure equipment, at OLMAR we are specialists in the manufacture of ovens specifically designed for the curing of composite materials (carbon fiber). Proof of this is the recent signing of a new project with the multinational FOKKER GKN AEROSPACE, which has trusted us to manufacture a large oven that will be installed in one of its plants in North America.

Fokker GKN is a leading company in the global aerospace sector. It designs, develops and manufactures highly engineered systems for the aerospace sector, counting among its clients the main aircraft manufacturers and also providing support services to their aircraft fleets throughout their useful life.

The constant search for innovation and excellence in the manufacturing of components and parts in the aerospace industry is what has led a multinational like Fokker GKN to contact us.

Among all the essential equipment for the production process of light and resistant composite materials that meet the demanding requirements imposed by the aerospace sector, ovens for curing composites are a fundamental part, since, as we will see throughout the article, they play an essential role in the hardening and treatment of composite materials.

Proud of our ovens for carbon fiber treatment

At OLMAR we give the maximum importance to the development, design, manufacturing and optimization of our ovens, since they are an essential element in the manufacture of composite material parts of the highest level.

Its function goes beyond simply heating and hardening these materials, as it is also responsible for drying and annealing them with maximum precision through complex curing cycles controlled by our control system. For this reason, what makes these ovens truly exceptional is their ability to adapt to the specific needs of each composite curing application.

To achieve this, our ovens incorporate software that combines the latest advances in computing and technology: the new OCS control software, developed entirely by the company’s engineers and which allows intelligent control of all the parameters of each cycle, thus achieving a great improvement in terms of energy, efficiency and also significant economic savings.

This control system, considered one of the most advanced worldwide within the carbon fiber sector, not only guarantees optimal operation of all equipment in each curing cycle, but is also safe, reliable and easy to use for the user.

In the composite curing oven industry, where precision and quality are essential, having a control system like the OCS is a differentiating factor. It not only improves efficiency in the curing process, but also guarantees the integrity and quality of composite components and parts, meeting the most demanding standards of the aeronautical and aerospace industry.

Control software analysis and dynamic flow analysis conclusively support the controlled management of key aspects such as temperature uniformity, material structural integrity, flow rates, air velocities and various flows during our cycles.

Olmar composite curing oven

In other words, our ovens are not only efficient in saving energy, but also ensure a more constant temperature and better performance, allowing parts to be heated evenly, curing effectively and meeting standards. of more demanding quality.

The large oven for the multinational Fokker GKN in North America represents a milestone by providing a perfect combination of advanced technology, durability, efficiency and compliance with global standards.

Investing in one of our ovens is, without a doubt, a wise decision for any company seeking excellence in the production of composite materials for the aerospace industry.