Founded in 1945 and today a world leader in the manufacture of autoclaves for the curing of composite materials, OLMAR presents its new Additive Technology division.

After more than two and a half years of investment in R & D and the incorporation of the most advanced technologies on its facilities, OLMAR | Autoclaves & Additive Manufacturing was born with the purpose and capacity to face the following challenges:


• Reconstruction of high cost metallic components for military programs of any type of vehicle or system

• Coatings of composite parts to improve their resistance to impact or temperature

• Coatings of high hardness and resistance to abrasion
o Ballistic applications and reduction of maintenance failures in battleships
o Reconstruction of parts or welding without zones of thermal affectation or variation of the material.

• Coating elements with electrically conductive materials for electromagnetic isolation
o Applications in communications shelter
o Applications in components of combat vehicles

• Manufacture of prototypes with addition of functional materials in short series
o Light armament
o Vehicles
o Communication systems

• Manufacture of advanced components
o Cannons with inner cladding in advanced materials without maintenance (high resistance to temperature and corrosion)
o Cannons with external cladding for greater rigidity and lower weight (titanium or carbon fiber)
o Manufacturing or reconstruction of components for weight reduction | cost saving


• • Design of advanced electromechanical components and systems for the sector
o Motorized vehicle gun turrets
o Light or heavy weaponry and its components
o Communication systems
o Vehicular components

• High precision machining processes for electromechanical assemblies and components for the sector

• Advanced thermal treatments for metallic materials (HIP) and composites (autoclave curing of thermoset and thermoplastic composites)

• Advanced surface finishes, electrochemical polishing, vibration polishing, hardening and distension by shot peening


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